Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sanders Family Christmas Extravaganza 2008

The Sanders Family Christmas schedule was a hit again this year. We again did not follow the schedule exactly as perscribed, but we had a blast and made plenty of memories all the same.

Sanders Family Christmas 2008

Thursday (12/25)
5:00 Pasta Bar
6:30 Ornamentation
8:00 Family Singing

Friday (12/26)
12:00 Sandwiches
1:00 Cookie Creations
5:30 Pizza Pizza
6:30 Imagine IF
8:00 Christmas Cheer

Saturday (12/27)
9:00 Family Breakfast
10:00 Time for Christmas Presents
11:30 Family Picture
1:30 Family Lunch
2:30 Mystery Gift
3:30 Bunco
5:30 Dinner (whatever you can find)
6:30 Apples to Apples
8:00 Family Singing

Sunday (12/28)
9:00 Church
11:00 Lasagna Lunch
1:00 (Family Picture 2 if Family Picture 1 doesn't turn out)
Wii Bowling Tournament (Have you been practicing?)

Most everyone participated in every activity. We especially had fun with our ornamentation and cookie creations.

And we had lots of fun taking the family picture.

Good times were had by all.