Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Late, But Right on Time.

I moved from Nashville on November 21. Since that time there has been Thanksgiving, starting a new job, a major ice storm, Graduation, Christmas Break, the death of a friend, the beginning of the semester, and a weekend with DHS.

Despite being two weeks into the spring semester and despite having moved to start a new job over two months ago, I hadn’t lectured a single time until yesterday, January 27. I lectured twice, in the morning and in the afternoon.
I suppose I have been waiting for yesterday for years. Realizing as a college student that I eventually wanted to be back in the classroom, though, on the other side of the desk. I wanted to talk, to lecture, to engage minds in learning. But I wanted experience, I wanted time and personal investments to bring to the classroom. I didn’t want to be an inexperienced teacher who had little to offer.
There are some things that are second nature. Lecturing feels like that to me, but then maybe it’s just genetic.
I’ll have to admit though, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about walking away from the hospital, from the ICU. I frequently think about my “regular” schedule and still find myself trying to adapt.
ICU work is second nature, too.
I lectured yesterday. I taught students in a University yesterday. I did well. I enjoyed it.  
And no one died. Nice to have a job where no one dies.
Adaptation takes time, but all I have is time.