Monday, February 11, 2008

Psych-Mental Health and Chest Pain

Last week I started my Psych-Mental Health rotation at Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute. It was very interesting. My pt was an older gentleman with schizophrenia. He never expereinced any acute delusions or hallucinations while I was with him; though his chart indicated he has had many in the past. There were quite a few interesting characters there and quite a few interesting stories to go with them. There are 9 different units at MTMHI and I will get to experience most of them before the conclusion of my time there.

We also had our first test last week. I studied all weekend and did fairly well on it. Would have liked to have done a little better, but overall I was pleased. I debated a great deal over one particular question and did not go with my gut feeling - I missed it, my gut was right. Unfortunately, that one point would have made a big difference. Oh well!

Tomorrow I have to give a ~2 hour long lecture with two other students focusing on chest pain, indigestion, and nausea. The presentation is mainly focusing on the case study of a woman who is experiencing a heart attack and the treatment plan for her involving delegation, action, drugs, vital signs, etc. We have incorporated a lot of onlin videos into the presentation, so hopefully they won't be too bored and it'll work out well. We also have an activity planned where we are tying strips of fabric around their chests and then encouraging deep breathing. The restricting fabric prevents a full inhalation, thus leading to chest pain and mimicking the feeling of a heart attack. Of course I intend on having the students do jumping jacks after they take their deep breaths (I mean the shallow ones). The jumping jacks will further deplete their oxygen stores and increase the chest pain. I'm sure it will work out very well. (No, I'm not pregnant in the picture - the point is to pull the strip of fabric tight. And yes I know my clothes do not even remotely match - this is my "study" attire.)

I've worked A LOT the last two weeks and will this week also. Things at work have been busy and frustrating. I enjoy being there though and I find myself missing the people - the pts and the employees. I feel a lot like I have a place at work, that I can be busy and make a difference. I don't feel like that at school. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that this is all for the greater good. It was a good time to refocus. Sometimes I get so tied up into going to school that I forget the goal, the reason.

Well, I wont be too busy this week not to make time for a little fun. I will be headed off this Friday night to join a friend and coworker at our second venture out to the MONSTER TRUCK RALLY. Don't worry, I'll take pictures!!!

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