Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday was the last day of clinicals. I was placed in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit this semester.

The purpose of lab and clincials this semester was to become proficient at the physical exam. The first part of the semester we practiced conducting physical exams on our lab partners until it became a habit. The second part of the semester we conducted actual physical examsd on real patients. It was much harder to do physical exams on my patients than my lab partner. My lab partner (third from the left) was responsive, agreeable, helpful, and not sick. Most of my patients this semster have been intubated, had numerous IV lines and EKG leads to maneuver around, had restraints on, and were sedated. The few I had that weren't sedated had ICU induced psychosis and were absolutely crazy. Every exam had to be modified and I learned a lot.

I enjoyed my time there. I learned so much everyday and I left wishing we could stay longer. I look forward to the day when I can.

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO proud of you and what you have accomplished so far. I know you are going to do GREAT work. I'd have no problem with being your patient. Who knows, with all my problems, you may have me as a patient someday. :-)

Grading projects in Ex. Physiology right now. Doesn't seem that long ago that I was reading yours. BTW, I think you write better now. :-)

Take care - you're special.

Love ya,