Monday, February 23, 2009

Laura tagged Chara. Chara tagged Me.

So you have to go to your pictures. Look in your 4th folder and post your 4th picture. But I prefer the number 5. So I looked in my 5th folder and I am going to post the 5th picture.

So when I graduated from my Internship I woke up one morning and found my car like this. I later sent an e-mail out to a lot of people with a lot more pictures of the car which read:

To all of you whom I called this morning and to those of you I didn’t, I just wanted to let you know what all the fuss was about. Last night, in the middle of the night and to my parents knowledge, my car was molested.
Two unnamed friends shrouded my car in such a manner so that I could not even open my car doors.
They littered the inside with a gargantuan amount of toilet paper, feathers, beads, and little fluffy balls. Additionally, they sprayed silly string around the perimeter, and know it is dried up like dead worms.
And if that wasn’t bad enough they placed signs all over the car and on my mailbox.
I was absolutely shocked when I went outside.

I eventually found out the two who did it.

I tag Tia Coffee.

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