Friday, July 15, 2011

Perception is Reality

Some people are so opposed to change that they inhibit themselves from growth, which in the end results in their own demise.

I’m not a fan of change; there’s no secret there. But I acknowledge the power it has and I am much more agreeable to it now than I have been in times past.

I went to a fancy dinner for work last night. It consisted of 9 courses (yes 9!); which surprisingly did not include dessert.

I was the only nurse practitioner sitting among a crowd of doctors and other hospital administrative staff.

The evening was nice. We ate. It was boring. We ate. There were some controversial discussions. We ate. We listened to a presentation. And then I had my food boxed up and headed out to get my car from the valet.

Those controversial discussions were personal; they are ignorant, they are consistent, and quite frankly, they are not grounded in fact, and yet they continue.

Some people see what they want and the reality which they dwell in is no reality at all. Things change.

A few have an appropriate reality. I thanked them for that. “Nicely done” my Attending said. I shrugged.

Sometimes you fight a fight until you cannot fight anymore. Sometimes you fight a fight until you realize it’s not worth fighting for anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Next week is my long work week; 72 hours. I will live in that place and dwell in those halls and work and function and exist.

My patients will get good care. But as for the politics, I wonder how much fight I will have.

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