Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clouds of Truth

The clouds have been amazingly beautiful the past few evenings. The temperature has been right. The air has smelled sweet, like Tennessee in the fall. It’s been nice. Peaceful.

I’ve stared at those clouds and the shapes they form and the ease they move with the wind and time. They are stark white against the evening blue sky.

I’ve recently been engaged in a conversation with a friend. A while back we’d had a falling out. Funny though, I didn’t know.

Our perspectives are usually about our self. We read and understand life based on the paradigms we subscribe to or ascribe to. We receive information and then compute it based on our own paradigms. We interpret information based on the world views we have adopted.

Sometimes people share an argument and unknowingly adopt the same side. They present their sides so differently though that you believe you are in opposition to one another when in truth you are the same or similar.

Hard heated talks that become easy and simple and light are a true gift. Friends are a true gift. Reconciliation and communion is a true gift.

Truth is a funny thing. It remains constant like that beautiful sky. But life comes in and people and confusion and personalities and misunderstanding and culture and time and what you have are clouds. Somewhere between the mix of clouds and the beautiful blue sky lies the truth.
I suppose if you stay with it and watch and wait you may find life in time to be nice. Peaceful. 

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