Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Vandy Tour

I began preparation to attend Vanderbilt this fall last August (2006). I was working full time and taking night classes, writing letters, filling out applications, requesting references, etc. There was a great deal that I needed to do in order to make this dream come true. I found myself focusing on the small tasks at hand in order to reach my main goal of getting accepted into Vanderbilt. However, once I was accepted the small tasks were not complete. I was still taking night classes and then I had to tell my boss that I would be leaving in July. That meant that I had to begin interviewing someone to take my job and then train them how to do it and all while continuing to take classes.

When all of these "small tasks" were finally completed, it finally hit me, I was going to be quiting my job and going to Vanderbilt. Then I got to thinking, I don't know how to get to Vanderbilt, I won't know where to park, what if I can't find my classroom, where do I buy my books...... Yes, it seems silly that I would be concerned with all these things, but the truth is no matter how old you are you still have worries, fears, and concerns.

So in response to these concerns I spoke with a good friend of mine, who works at Vanderbilt and she gave me the Vandy Tour. I now know where to park, where my classrooms are, how to get to Vanderbilt, and where to buy my books. I can now say that I am ready to go to school, to start classes, to start my new beginning.


Anonymous said...

I know that new beginnings are scary and somewhat unsettling. I have no doubt that not only will you adapt well to your new beginning, but you will excel. You are tremendously talented and driven. I am so proud of your accomplishments and your dreams. Now you will have a chance to make a difference in the lives of so many people - just like you've made a difference in those of us who know and love you dearly.

Emily said...

Welcome to Blogger, Friend! Looking forward to being a regular reader.