Friday, September 28, 2007

Enemas, NG tubes and Tests

This was probably the hardest week so far. We had two tests this week. One was in my clinical applications class and the other one was in pharmacology. They weren't too bad, but it made it impossible to do any other homework or reading since I was studying for the tests. They don't like to waste class time for us to take our tests, so we have our tests at an additional time. That means we still have class for that week in addition to studying for our test.

For this weeks lab class we learned about the "ins" and "outs" of health care. The "ins" would be tube feeding and fluids. We learned how to insert NG tubes for the purpose of suctioning and feeding. An NG tube is a nasogastric tube. It goes in the nose and down to the stomach. It was funny to be on a different side of tube feeding. I've written hundreds of tube feeding orders, but I've never carried them out or actually administered them.

And the "outs" would be enemas and constipation. Not necessarily the most fun things to do but still an important part of the job. So if anybody is feeling a little constipated, I can help you out.

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