Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It started in high school. They called me T, not for Tara, for Texaco. They called me that because they said I was a gas station.

In college I lived in a community dorm and they said that I would clear the bathroom when I went in. At least that's what my roommate said. Surely it wasn't that bad, was it?

So last night I got in from school and was making myself some dinner. I, for whatever reason, had a big craving for beans. My dietitian self said hey it'll be fine. If you eat them now you'll digest them in ~12 hours and that'll be around 6 am in the morning and you won't bother anyone. So I ate beans. I ate a whole can of beans.

So when I when I got up this morning I thought hey I haven't really gotten to those beans yet? When I was driving to school at 7:30 I got to those beans.

When I was working having gas wasn't a big deal. You just keep moving from one senile patient to the next one and no one is the wiser. Or you go find a patient with Clostridium Difficile and stand outside their room and no one even notices.

Unfortunately in school I sit in the same chair in the same room for 6 hours. There are no senile patients to blame, no Clostiridum Difficile to hide behind, no air currents to walk through. This was not something I had thought about when making my carreer move.

I pondered my delimma as I made my way to my chair. I decided on going with the truth. So I turned to the girl in the seat next to me and said hey, uh, sorry but I ate a lot of beans last night. No problem she laughed. A feeling of relief washed over me.

Later she said she didn't feel good and missed the 2nd 2 hour session.

Texaco strikes again.


Shirley said...

Tara, you make my day! You are one of a kind for sure! I Love You!

Laura and John said...

he he

Sara said...

That is one of the funniest things I've heard! There are definate advantages to working with senile patients. Maybe next time save the beans for the weekend! LOL.

Chara said...

It was also much easier when I worked at the preschool. You just say- ok, who's stinky? and then pick the one who is probably stinky anyway and make them go to the bathroom.

No one the wiser.

Tia said...

Things haven't changed that much from college. =o) LOL