Thursday, November 22, 2007

Feeling Thankful

I worked yesterday. It was good to see friends and feel the building excitement of Thanksgiving and the approaching holidays.

Working also helped me to reflect on what I have to be thankful for.

Yesterday, I saw the worst wounds I've ever seen. This woman was literally coming out of her skin. The wounds were huge and the skin was decaying all around. She had been at home literally rotting away and admitted the night before for treatment. I am not sure if we can treat her. She was in so much pain; it hurt her to sit, to stand, to lay on her back, on her stomach, on her side.

Last Thursday I had a 26 year old pt at the hospital. She had been shopping in a store that was being robbed. The robber came up behind her and slashed her throat three times and then stabbed her in the face twice. She only spoke Spanish. My Spanish is muy picito y mal. We laboriously conversed all morning and I discovered that she has been in the country for 3 years and has a ten year old daughter. At the end of the day she discharged home. She was petrified though. She came to a new land to have a better life and got assaulted.

Last Friday I had a 53 year old pt who was in the hospital for a gastric bypass sx that went bad. Her husband left her, one of her sons died, she can't eat, she has no energy, she has chronic abdominal pain, and her hair is falling out.

At times working with so many sad situations can be depressing and can cause one to feel somewhat hopeless regarding the fate of this world we live in. But at times, working with so many sad situations can reaffirm how completely and totally blessed I am.

I have great friends. Friends who encourage me and lift me up. Friends who know me and understand me. Friends who laugh at my jokes (or suttle sarcasm). Friends who tell it to me straight even when they know it's not what I want to hear. Friends who listen. Friends who truly care about me and I about them.

I have a beautiful family. One that is quickly multiplying. A family who encourages me, lifts me up. A family that makes me feel appreciated, wanted, needed, and loved. I have two parents who have always guided me and been there to cheer me on or pick me up. I have three sisters who have always been and will always be my friends. I have three pretty great brother in laws who respect me. I have three little friends who make my heart smile.

I have a strong healthy body. My extremities work. I can breathe. My heart pumps. My skin's intact. I have no difficulty with my bowels or bladder. My senses are all working allowing me to feel, taste, hear, see, and smell. My mind works well. I have good energy. I can communicate with my friends and family. I can play with my little friends. I can learn. My liver and pancreas function well. My hormones are balanced.

I've been able to travel and go places. Four countries, hundreds of cities, a multitude of states. On my travels I've been able to eat some excellent food, see some great shows, see God's magnificent creations, experience new cultures. Grow.


Las Vegas


I was allowed the opportunity to quit my full time job and go back to school to push myself farther, reach higher, and pursue.

I have so many many more blessings than those I've listed. I am truly truly blessed. I have a lot to be thankful for.

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TK said...


I'll add a few more for you. You have a tremendous ability to string words together. I noticed this years ago. I, and many others, enjoy reading them. I hope you continue to have time to publish your thoughts.

You have a smile that brightens the day of those you are around. Your patients are noticing this abiliity already, others have known this for years. I know that you will have a GREAT bedside manner. Maybe I'll see it sometime in practice. :-)

As you said, you have friends, BUT, you have the ability to BE a friend, someone you can depend on, someone with whom you love to spend time, someone who really cares for others. Know that we miss you as you move on to other challenges.

You have the ability, but MUCH more importantly, the desire to learn, to improve your mind and use your knowledge to help others. I see so many good things in your future. I hope we played a small part in getting you ready for your future and the changes and challenges in your life.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this. Just know that you have so many who respect and love you more than you will ever know and are praying for you in your efforts to help others.

As I've told you before, you are a jewel.

Love ya,