Thursday, January 3, 2008


Can you believe that it is 2008? I can't. Life often feels surreal and feels like it is happening to me rather than something that I am experiencing.
I went on a road trip to Ohio for the New Year. A friend and I went to visit another friend of ours who recently got married. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking, watching a stupid movie (Flicka), shopping, going to church, and watching a lot of football. It was good to spend time with good friends and bring in the New Year.

I also got to see an incredible exhibit that I have wanted to see for a couple of years. It is called "Bodies" and it is an artistic display of actual human bodies that are cut and preserved in order to show the amazing organization of our bodies. I enjoyed it immensely. There was everything you could want or imagine to see except for a cross section of the liver, the eye ball, and the heart. But I've dissected a heart and an eye ball, so all I really wanted to see was the liver. It may sound incredibly disgusting to a lot of people, but it was truly amazing and awesome (awesome in the true meaning of the word and not in the ninja turtle meaning of the word). I felt so blessed to have been able to view such an interesting exhibition.

As 2007 has come to an end, I can't help but reflect on the events of the past year. Where I was January 2007 and where I am January 2008 are totally different places. I have been blessed with a new niece and nephew - two truly amazing human beings who provide so much hope and excitement for my future. I find myself practically unemployed and back in school, something that deep down I knew I would do, but am still surprised by. I also realized that 2007 is the first year, of my entire life, that I did not, at least one day, sojourn to Oklahoma - and now my life has a recorded year without my being there. I had 2 very close friends move away. I went to 2 new and very exciting places. So many other things have come to pass that will forever define 2007 for me. This leads me to thoughts of the New Year and the opportunity for new beginnings. This causes me to ponder my goals and plans for 2008.

The future holds so much hope and excitement. We found out we are having another girl today. This will give me 4 babies. I am so blessed.

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