Friday, April 25, 2008


Isn't it amazing. . . . .

that the sun rises and sets every single day.
that the stars come out each night.
that the seasons come in the same order year after year.
that the force of gravity is constantly present.
that the waves never cease to rise and fall.
that the heart continues to beat.
that the lungs continue to breathe.
that birds are born knowing how to fly.
that water evaporates to the sky and condenses back to replenish the earth.
that there is a sense of smell.
that mustard seeds grow into trees.
that the earth is close enough to the sun to have adequate heat but far enough not to burn up.
that spiders spin webs.
that the element sodium burns the skin and the element chloride is a poisonous gas, but
together they form a compound, sodium chloride, that the human cannot live without.
that the kidneys filter 180 L of fluid every day.
that when fires are caused by natural means, such as lightning, then they are easier to control
and don't cause as much damage as man made fires.
that the earth continues to spin on its axis.
that every spring the flowers bloom and the trees blossom.
that human fingerprints are formed based on their movements while in the womb.
that trees grow toward the sun.
that no two snow flakes are alike.
that a grain of sand can form a pearl.
that humans have a soul.
that caterpillars can turn into butterflies.
that rainbows form after rain falls.

There is so much much more. And yet tomorrow, the sun will rise, the wind will pass, the rain may fall and another day with be. It is all the simple basic constant things that make life so truly amazing.

It is all those things that acknowledge the existance of God.

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