Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've become one of those people

So yesterday was my first day of OB and it was incredibly uneventful. I pretty much stood around all day. Oh no, I did forget one exciting thing - I got to look at 2 postpartum rectums to see if the pt's had hemorrhoids. 1 did, 1 didn't. Very exciting!!

It also happened to be my plan of care week. We have to do plans of care for a grade at least once every rotation. A plan of care consists of a nursing diagnosis and two interventions for 7 systems (neuro, skin, cardiac, respiratory, GI, genital-urinary, and musculoskeletal), signs and symptoms for each nursing diagnosis, and a lenghty analysis statement for each nursing diagnosis. Usually a plan of care takes me anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the pt and depending on how much I can copy from a previous plan of care I've done. This week however I had to do one for the mother and the baby, so that's 2. This rotation we go all day on Wednesday and then half the day on Thursday or we get lucky and get the whole day off on Thursday. Luckily I got the whole day off today. So, I started working on my double plan of care at approxiamately 9:30 this morning and finished it about 5:00 this afternoon, this is 7 1/2 hours. On one hand I'm glad I'm done, on the other I wish I could have done something fun on my day off, on the other hand I have the whole night free to watch my two shows (survivor and Lost), on the other hand I won't have to do it this weekend (which is good because I have an excessive amount of other homework). So I have four hands.

As I have indicated in previous blog posts I am also working to prepare for next year. One requirement of next year is that we have a PDA. The PDA will pretty much have to be on our person at all times so that we can consult all the multimedia we get to buy as well as document on pt's and send reports in to faculty when we are at the hospitals and various clinical sites. It may initially sound very exciting but really it is just a ploy to give us more work. So anyway, my contract came up with Verizon in March. I've been with Verizon for 6 years and have greatly appreciated their business and professionalism. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, which PDA to buy, etc. I did a lot of research (this is an understatement coming from a person who spent 6 months researching before buying my 1st real car). I spoke with my advisor and got the basic requirements for the PDA. Looked at phones. Went to 5 different stores and spoke at length with tech people and got all the positives and negatives, the good the bad, the prices, the specs, the perks, the quirks. In the end I finally made a decision (yes, it is shocking). I got a Blackberry. I really do like it. I have become one of those people. I've had it about 5 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I've downloaded some applications that have come in quite handy - the Bible (I can read at lunch), epocrates (a complete drug reference guide), and my personal favorite - disco bowling (I'm awesome).

Unfortunately, two weeks after I got my Blackberry, we had a specialty year meeting. At which they told us not to buy a PDA yet because they were working some kinks out of some programs and we may only be able to use a certain PDA. I'm fearful that brand will most likely not be Blackberry.

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