Monday, October 3, 2011

The last one.

It’s funny how you just know when it’s the last one.

You take and you take and you take and then you’re forced to take one more and it turns out to just be one too many.

Sometimes it’s the weight of the matter.

Sometimes it’s the point of the matter.

Sometimes it’s the principle of the matter.

And sometimes you just get to the point where it really doesn’t matter.

I’m not sure which category I fall into; maybe all of them, maybe none. It doesn’t really matter though which one it is.

It’s hard. You work and you work and you work and you want so much to be successful and loyal and to grow something and to get to that place where you can look back at what you’ve done and be proud and feel accomplished. But sometimes you don’t get to that place, sometimes that journey wasn’t meant to be taken, sometimes even loyalty costs too much.

I knew the next one would be the last one. I guess I just kept hoping it wouldn’t fall.


Chara said...

I've been there. It doesn't matter how much you love what you do, or how purposeful it feels... sometimes it isn't worth it, personally. There are so many things that can be that last straw, and sometimes it surprises me what that last straw actually is.

I have no idea what you are talking about, but I understand the sentiment. Hang in there.

holly wynne said...

I miss you. You know where I am.