Thursday, September 12, 2013

Someone Will Always Be There

It never stops. They are always there: the patients, lying in their beds; the nurses, caring.

There is never a time when someone isn’t there, never a time when the unit isn’t fully employed with people actively caring.  

When I’m away I sometimes think about the unit, the patients. I wonder how they are, how they’re doing.

Every unit I have every worked in has patients lying in beds at this exact moment with a full staff of nurses caring for them. They have never stopped.

It’s daunting sometimes to think about, to know that it will never stop, that they are always there, that there will always be a need.

Weekends, night time, holidays, Saturday morning, Thursday afternoon, Monday night, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Super Bowl. There is never a moment when there is not a need.

There is a responsibility of those who know to teach those who don’t know, this ensures that someone will always be there.

Teaching allows me an opportunity to always be there without having to always be there. Teaching provides an opportunity to create a legacy.

Teaching bridges the present with the future.

So, I find myself coming to a new bridge to cross, a new challenge to meet.

My goal has been to learn and experience and grow so that I would have a deep wealth of knowledge in varied areas of healthcare to share when the opportunity approached and the time was right.

The more I’ve learned, the more I realize how very little I know.

I’m excited about the coming months, the coming semester. I look forward to the spring of 2014 and the promise it brings, the opportunity it holds, the changes it will yield, and the new bridge to cross.

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