Sunday, October 5, 2014

For Cheers of All Kind

The words seemed to be so much more powerful today. Like poetry jumping off the pages and the PowerPoint to charge me with reality, forcing me to acknowledge known truths that are so familiar to me that at times they have become foreign and invisible.

The longer I sat the deeper I was touched and at times felt my eyes moisten with the beauty that I have claimed for my life.
I was sitting among family that reminded me of former days and made me long for simpler times, when life just felt beautiful and right and good. Days when life seemed to make more sense and the mystifications that lie with in me were quieter.

I sit now working, studying, evaluating my work and pressing on to complete and accomplish my task at hand. But within me resides a restlessness that results in a lack of focus. I find myself ambling through social media and observing “friends” I have known from so many various avenues and facets of my life. Some who live in a similar fashion to me and some who have embraced much different realities.

Life is truly so beautiful. My study, though different avenues, has always focused on the function of the human. I find myself now focusing more on the beauty of the soul and the intricate exquisiteness that is each one of us.

While I often long for those simpler times, I am so thankful for the time that has transpired since then. The trying times, the difficult times, the ugly times, the renewing times, the hard times, and even the confusing times. They each have yielded so much in me. I am able to see beauty and feel love and acknowledge blessings that I never knew before and in truth was incapable of seeing.

I sit in my warm office, being serenaded by the most tranquil music, and I am thankful. Thankful for time and people who are family, for old friends and new friends, for landscapes, for new beginnings, for peaceful resolutions, for truths that remain truths, for inside jokes, for knowing eye-contact, for smiles, for hands, for hugs, for familiar voices, for the ability to feel love, for cautious vulnerability, for understanding the beauty of pain, for cheers of all kind.

But we believe that human eyes, Beheld that journey to the skies.

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Stephen Mcintire said...

And then you closed with a refrain from one of my favorite songs. This was a touching post filled with empathy for what you have experienced with others, truly reflective of what you have seen, done and continue to feel; returning as echos across a vast expanse.