Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leave, Leaving, Leaves

I found it to be beautiful. The trees were a myriad of fall colors and the temperature was crisp but balmy. It felt good, it was right.

A part of me felt at home despite the unfamiliar that surrounded me.  

The longer I was there uncertainty and confusion began to register and settle in like a long lost friend that I had not seen for a time. Yet, like long lost friends, we fell back in sink, resulting in a rhythmic banter of queries, inquisitions, and reservations.

I found myself being once again carried away in the fantasy of the unknown and the appeal of the ensuing drama that would be my life; blind to the schedule, the loss of life, and the distorted sleep.

My desire has been to settle, to inhabit for a time, to stay, to dwell, to occupy, to reside, to make a home.

It’s hard when your work fills you with passion and steals your life. It’s hard when life is good and your work doesn’t fill you with the passion it once did.

Which is worth more? Life or passion? Time or money?

As always, so very thankful for Ruth.

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