Monday, May 11, 2015

It calls to me

Our pinning ceremony was this past Friday. Graduation was Saturday. Another semester has concluded. Students have come and are now gone.

It is amazing how fast life goes by and how quickly things change and people move on.

I’ve enjoyed teaching. I’ve loved being at Harding. I have become so very settled in Searcy. I love living here. I’m able to be involved in church again.

Things are good.

But, I miss my work.

I miss the ICU.

Every time I step away it calls to me. Calls me back.

And before I know it, I find myself in my blue skin again with a mask on my face and a bonnet on my head.

I find a severely ill pt lying in front of me. Fighting. Letting go. Lying somewhere in between.

I find myself having intently difficult conversations with families.  

I find myself exhausted.

I find myself being used. I feel myself being used.

I feel God with me.

And so, this summer, I will transition from academia back to full time clinical practice in Dallas, Texas.

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