Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to Your New Home!

Welcome to your new house!!

This was my first real house and I worked hard to make it feel like home. I loved living here. I loved this home. I was able to find much peace and beauty here and in Searcy. I pray these things for you too.

I wanted to share some things with you about this house. I suppose I feel like it is my child and I just want to tell you about it as I walk away.

I will admit that this yard can be a lot of work, but I have loved working in it. When I moved in there was little to no landscaping. Though there is still much to be desired, I have built and planted most everything.
The back yard has two dark pink crape myrtle bushes. I planted them to grow and provide a bit of privacy from the neighbors. I thought about planting a tree in the back northwest corner, but I didn’t want to block the view of that beautiful field. Along the west fence I planted gladiolas (I am hoping to have a beautiful vase full waiting for you on the cabinet, but they may not have bloomed yet). I originally planted them in the front yard in the brick bed I built, but I had no idea they’d be as tall as they are and frankly they looked silly. So, this spring, I transplanted them to the backyard. I think this shocked them a bit, but they are resilient. If you choose to keep them, I anticipate they will be even more beautiful next summer.
The back yard also had a blue bird house. I have spent hours sitting on the back porch watching Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird. There are currently 5 eggs in the house (unless they’ve hatched) and I am anxiously awaiting the chirpings of the baby birds. I anticipate that they will not hatch before I leave. This is their second set of eggs for this season. Blue birds apparently usually have two “litters” (I don’t know what you call it for birds) every season. After they are born you will see Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird feeding them all day long and the birdies will be silent until one of their parents arrives at the house and then you will hear a chorus of glories baby bird chirps. The house is falling apart. But I have deeply enjoyed watching them. I anticipate that they will also be back next spring.
The front yard has a brick bed that I built. I originally planted 7 tulips and they were beautiful. Despite being perennials though, I only had one bulb come back this year – I was disappointed. I also planted 3 mums which have grown beautifully. I planted them in the fall last year after the tulips and gladiolas were done for the summer and they did okay, but they seem to be thriving now that they’ve really had time to root. The two outer ones are purple and the middle one is white. On the end I have a white crape myrtle bush. It has really taken off this year. It needs to be pruned and cut back to keep it under control. I also planted begonias this year. They are annuals and will die, but hey were pretty and white for the time.
On the other side of the house there are a few plants as well: three white azaleas next to the house and a suffering pink azalea at the front of the house (I’m not sure how it will fair). That front area was originally mulched, but I laid sod down and I like it better.
Around the yard are a few oak seedlings. I had originally planted 8, but the ones remaining are the ones that endured last summer’s heat and the hard winter we had. I got them at the Arkansas forestry department; I wanted to get native seedlings that would thrive in Arkansas. The one on the East side of the house is too close to the road and looks a little silly now – sorry. I had thought of planting dogwoods on the east side of the house or crape myrtle bushes, but time and money.
I had the picnic table built. My original intent was to stain or paint it and seal it. The builder told me to wait a year as the wood needed to sit. I don’t know why I listened to that boy. The table needs to be scrubbed with bleach and sealed. I’ve been meaning to do it, but I haven’t.
I meant to get gutters hung. I’m sure once you do the yard will easily reshape itself. It will need a few bags of dirt and time will allow the grass to replace what has been washed away.
I’ve had a contract the last two summers with Fairway Lawns (501) 588-2696) and they have been excellent to spray weeds and nurture the sod that is still young. They have really helped the yard to be healthy and have been a great company to work with. If you wanted to use them you could ask to pick up with the treatment where they left off of the address.
I sat for hours in the back yard. It is quite cool under the patio. Sometimes you can hear the cows in the nearby field. The sun sets beautifully in the west and it is easy to watch. Sometimes I would sit and watch the rain. It has been a place of great joy for me.
As I said, it’s not much but I have truly loved working in this yard. I wanted to lay some roots, and I did. It has been very healing and encouraging to me.
Guest Bathroom
I took the door off of the guest bathroom because the two met in such a way that is felt crowded. It is in the garage and a baggie with the hardware is taped to it. It should go back up quite easily if you wish.
Master Bathroom
I left a squeegee hanging in the shower for you. Feel free to throw it away if you don’t want it. I leave it hanging in the shower and use it after every shower and it has kept the glass quite clear. I recently had some house guests who didn’t use it and I could tell a big difference.
Air Vents
The air vents are funny. They are in the ceiling and frequently spit out white flat chunks of paint (like annoying snowflakes). I assumed after living here a few months it would stop, but nearly two years later they are still spitting it out. So, if you see white stuff on the floor, just look up and you’ll see an air vent and know that it is just part of having a new house.
I’ve only been in the attic once and it does have floor boards over the garage area if you want to use it. I am leaving for you the water hose covers (they will be on top of the water heater). They go over the faucets on the outside of the house so your pipes don’t freeze.
The garage door code has been set as ****. I am leaving the booklet that will tell you how to change it if you want, but honestly, no one even knows the code.
I travel a lot and will frequently be gone for up to two weeks at a time. Because of that I had the ADT security system installed. As a single woman though, it brought me significant peace of mind. It cost around $50 to activate. It will be deactivated on July 1. I’m leaving the yard sign though.
I have met a great many of the neighbors. I met them while walking my dog. There are many single women in the neighborhood who are very dear. I hope that you will meet them. Many of them walk at night and it should be easy to meet them if you wish.
The neighbors directly across the street are a sweet young couple. They have two little boys. The youngest is a 4 year old red head who is a talker and will love to run over and talk to you once he meets you.
Up the road is another sweet couple and you will see them riding around the neighborhood in a golf cart. 
The mail comes between 2:30 – 5. It is almost always between 4:30-5, but I think there is a new girl and not it is closer to 2:30.
Trash pick-up is on Monday and Thursday. They come anywhere between 10-2:30.
Recycling is every Monday. They come before 9. I don’t know if you are a recycler, but I left you the bins so you don’t have to go downtown and pick them up. Sorry they are so nasty; they gave them to me like that. They do not collect glass.
I suppose that is really all I have to say. I’m sure I will remember something else later. I do truly hope you get settled here and feel at home. I’m not sure what your church affiliation is, but I found a real home at the College church of Christ. I know that you are experiencing much transition in your life, but know that as I am experiencing transition too, that I will be praying for you.

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