Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knight in Shining Armor or Desperado

So Monday I went to school and stepped into the student lounge to put my lunch in the refrigerator. I realize as I walk in that there is a commotion going on. Check you mailbox a friends says to me. So I walk over to the mailboxes and find the letter that has been placed in every nursing students mailbox - this is more than 300 people. It read as follows:

"My name is Tray and I need your help with something. I met a really awesome girl at a swing dance which was held at Otter Creek church in Brentwood on June 16. I've been hoping to run into her again but she hasn't been dancing there since. Unfortunately I didn't get her name or contact infor. I know I know . . . the dance ends at 11 and at 10:30 I was like "I should get her contact info". . . and she had left a little bit prior to that. While we were dancing she told me a lot about herself. . . except her name. She is a 2nd year Nurse Practitioner student. She works part time at Vanderbilt medcial center. She also lives in an apartment off campus with several roommates. I realize at this point I am describing about half of the nursing students. She is blond, about 23/24, nice eyes, works out, nice skin . . . nice everything. If you're the one I'm looking for, send me a message. It would be great to talk to you again. If you think you know her . . . help me out!!"

So the guy brought these letters in some time last week. Funny thing is he hadn't known there were mailboxes, so he left and had copies made. Some individuals saw them and alerted security and then another individual went behind him and pulled most of the letters out of everyone's mailboxes (I keep some papers in my mailbox and so she missed the letter). Also, the 2nd year students aren't even on campus any more and are pretty much done from what we understand - so "the girl" isn't even on campus. The girl he described truly is half of the 300 people in the program.

So some people found the whole thing to be incredbily sweet and endearing. Other people found the whole thing to be creepy and stalker like - maybe she didn't give you her name for a reason. So everyone went and checked out his myspace page (which I have still yet to do) and made further observations.

The whole thing has been kind of funny.

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