Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer School and Boot Camp

Tomorrow starts our 7th week of summer school. We finished clinicals one week ago and so we are completely in the class room for the next three weeks. Since we aren't in clinicals right now, we are focusing on Community Health and learning about the various roles a nurse plays within the community. We are also going to do a disaster training seminar, which I'm really excited about, because at the end of the seminar we will be certified with the American Red Cross. So if a disaster strikes, we will be able to help (not that we can go with school and all).

At the end of nine weeks, we get two days off and then starts the infamous Boot Camp. Boot Camp will last for three weeks. During boot camp we are expected to act in the role of a nurse. We will have multiple patients and perform in the clinical setting as any nurse would. By this time we are supposed to be nearly completely almost trained - we'll see how it goes. I'm excited for boot camp and nervous too. As with anything though, you really aren't proficient at something until you do it all the time. I look forward to that in the next few weeks.

Then when boot camp is over - I cross the bridge!

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