Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Group Work

This past Monday I had a group presentation, and this presentation marked the end of a long run. Since January I have spent a significant part of each week with this group. Together we experienced our pediatric rotation, psyche rotation, medical-surgical rotation, and obstetrics. We have had a patient die, watched new patients be born, spoken with poor souls who are truly crazy, watched children recover, cleaned up a lot of poop, started IV's on each other, given each others shots, taught each other, learned from each other, and grown as future nurses together.

Next week I will start boot camp. I will be placed on 6 North at Vanderbilt Medical Center. This is a neuro unit - so there will be patients who have had CVA's (strokes), seizures, head trauma, etc. I'm looking forward to the whole experience and am getting excited about starting year 2. Boot camp will provide me with a new group of partners. There will be six of us this time; 4 of us worked together in the fall semester, so there is some familiarity there.

Yesterday concluded all of my classes. I still have some tests to take and 4 weeks of clinical to experience, but for the most part - year 1 is almost complete. It's amazing how fast this year has gone, it's amazing how much has happened, it's amazing how much I've learned. But the journey is only half way over and really just beginning.

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