Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stat Counter

I often wonder why anyone would read the ramblings and wonderings of my blog that I post for the whole world to read. I frequently monitor the IP addresses who visit my blog from a website called Stat Counter. There are some IP addresses that I am able to identify and know them to be a certain person or persons, then there are tons and tons of other IP addresses and I have no idea who they are. Yet many of you unknown readers continue to frequent my blog on a daily basis and I appreciate your interest in me and my little blog. I have found over the past few years that blogging, while I enjoy it, can often be a burden and just one more thing in my life I have to maintain, but I don't for see quitting anytime in the near future. I write for myself really and for no other reason. But I often feel that my infrequent writing may be a disappointment to my "followers" that will eventually result in their lost of interest. So to those of you who read my blog, thank you for your devotion and I'll try and write more.

If you care to reveal yourselves I am interested in knowing who some of you are:
  • Springfield, Missouri - Extended Stay Hotels
  • Antioch, TN - comcast cable

and anyone else who wants to come forward. I respect your anonymity.


holly wynne said...

Me! I read your blog!

holly wynne said...

Also (she says, hours later), I wonder if your frequent Antioch/Comcast reader is the same as my frequent Antioch/Comcast reader. I'm guessing CRCC, but WHO???!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one from Springfield. Just trying to keep up with what's going on with my cousin.

- Meredith

Anonymous said...

I read from where ever I am, :-), but not as often as I'd like, since someone doesn't blog as often as she used to. :-(


Anonymous said...

I just like to read about how you are going through your life changes and your thoughts. I am your twin sister's mother in law. I care about you and love you both very much. Corny but true.
Nana Carole