Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Journey Continues

This is Oklahoma University Medical Center - my new place of employment.

I had to go in yesterday to the employee health clinic for a new employee evaluation. They needed my immunization records, took some blood, and gave me a TB test. I will go back on Wednesday to have my TB test read, get a flu shot, and then to go get my badge and fill out some paperwork. So after nearly a month of waiting, tomorrow I will become "official".

I started this blog when I went back to school as a way to document my journey. I titled the blog "Crossing the Bridge" because I was going through the bridge program at Vanderbilt. But now I find that I have crossed that bridge and that that journey is over. I had meant to blog more, to tell more stories, but my hectic schedule and occasional personal indifference prohibited me from doing so. I suppose I'm still on a journey to be an acute care nurse practitioner though, as I'm not one yet and I won't be working in that capacity as a few of my peers are. In some ways I view this next 1-2 years as a nurse as me furthering my education prior to becoming employed as an ACNP.

So I'm still on a journey and even after I'm employed as an ACNP I'll still be on a journey. Life itself is a journey and throughout life there are multiple bridges to cross and forks to chose and other travelers to meet.

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Anonymous said...

OK, you've crossed the bridge, we'll give you that. BUT, you CAN NOT quit blogging. After reading every last word, usually including the comments of others on this site, I honestly think you may have missed your calling.

In other words, I REALLY enjoy reading your thoughts. There's the occasional misspelled word or grammatical mistake, but we all do that. :-( But, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoy your writing.

So, I'm casting one vote that says you are already across the bridge, but don't quite writing about your life and experiences. You can take some time between postings, just DO NOT quit and leave us hanging. (AND don't violate HIPAA guidelines. LOL)

You are SPECIAL. Take care.